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Exterior Finishing

Exterior finishing plays a variety of roles in completing your building. From energy efficiency to waterproofing, a proper exterior redo can prevent countless future structural issues, in addition to bolstering curb appeal.

Siding & Exterior Insulation

Consistency in the quality of your siding job will have an enormous impact on weather resistance, visual charm, and potentially energy efficiency, if exterior insulation is to be installed. There is a variety of types of siding to choose from, such as vinyl, Hardie Board, stone veneer,

or cedar shakes. We uphold our high standards from Tyvek to trims, and install our finishes to last. 

Windows & Doors

Energy efficiency can be largely impacted by the quality

of your windows and doors, in conjunction with proper weatherproofing. You may know of a draft in your own home, and if left unfixed, it can considerably increase the costs to heat your structure. Of course, there is the potential for water permeation due to an improper seal. Replacement doors and windows are not only a visual improvement, but a fantastic investment. 

Concrete Flatwork

Driveways, sidewalks and patios are all a part of creating a functional outdoor space. Depending on your desired atmosphere, you may opt for a traditional broomed concrete surface for a simple and rugged look, or a more ostentatious finish, such as stamped concrete or paving stone. A proper flatwork layout will create positive drainage, which aids in preventing flooding, erosion, rotting and water permeation. 

Metal Cladding, Soffit
& Fascia


Metal cladding can be a durable option for both roofing and siding. Available in many colors, this material can outlast traditional asphalt shingles by a considerable margin. Whether a sheet metal or shingle roof, we install soffit and fascia, and can repair damaged overhangs.

Wooden Structures

From post-setting to pickets, we are capable of producing some beautiful fences. In addition, we can build long-lasting decks to fit any backyard, or pergolas for added shade. We install composite decking and various styles of handrail, build porch overhangs and fence gates; nearly anything you could imagine is doable. If you need any wooden structure built, refurbished or retrofitted, we're the crew to call. 

Foundation Waterproofing

Ensuring the longevity of your foundation demands proactive measures, and opting for peel-and-stick installation is an excellent preventative option. The membrane acts as a barrier, preventing water infiltration. When coupled with a comprehensive water management system, featuring dimple board and weeping tile draining to a sump pump, your foundation will be adequately protected from unwanted

water penetration.

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