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Interior Finishing

Interior finishing is what makes your home uniquely yours. A change in wall color, flooring, trims or cabinets can completely transform a space's energy. Whether a simple update or a complete redo, we can carry out any interior renovation project and bring your space back into the current decade.

Drywall Installation

Drywall, otherwise known as Sheetrock or Gypsum Board (amongst other names), is the cornerstone of interior finishing. A satisfactory drywall job is a necessity for any project, and may dictate the quality of other pertinent finishes. Different types of drywall are used for varied applications, including finish walls, tile-backing, or areas that require moisture-resistance.

Painting & Trims

Through careful brushstrokes and meticulous joinery, a clean paint and trim job will be the bow that ties together your space. We offer paint spraying in addition to manual painting services, and can reface most any surface. We are capable of installing profiled trims, but more often install square baseboard/casing due to their 

cost-effectiveness and sleek appearance.


Tile can serve to add a sense of luxury, character and durability to any space. We install tile in a variety of settings, ranging from backsplashes and feature walls to bathroom showers and vanities. Another service we offer is tile floors with in-floor heating, which are a fantastic feature in any home. From penny tile sheets to 12"x24", we can install any type or combination,

in any space.


There are a variety of flooring types that we can install. Vinyl plank is a relatively durable and affordable choice, making it a viable option for most budgets. Click flooring, linoleum roll, carpet tile and ceramic tile are also options we offer. We are equipped for concrete painting and stamped concrete finishes as well, which are great choices for a more rugged look.

Custom Cabinetry

From wall inserts to full kitchens, we are equipped for cabinetry manufacturing and install. Hinge-mounted doors, sliding drawers and adjustable shelving are well within our capabilities. To top off your lowers, we can build and laminate countertops as well. Having these capabilities allows us to utilize every square

foot available to you, and tailor-make

cabinetry to fit your space.

Suspended Ceilings

Suspended ceilings are a great way to add uniqueness

to a room, and can be repaired with the simple swapping of a tile. These ceilings look great in either a residential or commercial setting, and have been a popular choice for their range of styles, clean install process and ability to hide ducting and pipes without bulkheads.

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