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Structural Construction

The disparities between a solidly fabricated & poorly assembled structure will inevitably reveal themselves over time. This area of our field necessitates accurate prediction & assessment to ensure high standards are consistently met without incident, while maintaining concise communication between client, subcontractor & carpenter. 

Foundations & Slabs

Proper surveying, layout, forming and pouring are all

essential to guaranteeing the soundness of the latter

stages of your project. We are capable of building concrete, ICF and PWF foundations. The most common causes of structural failure include foundation faults, ground-heaving and improper subgrade; we take all precautions possible to prevent future damage and guarantee structural integrity.


Efficient and proper framing is important to completing a project on time and budget. We take great care in ensuring structurally sound and accurate-to-blueprint framing in order to prevent future issues. Collectively, we have exposure to an expansive variety of framing systems, and are capable of adapting to emerging options, such as SIP panels.


If you're looking at increasing the size of your

preexisting structure, an addition is the way to go. As experts in the field, we can take on the challenges associated with adding onto a structure, such as blending roof lines, tying in structural components and finishing the space in a way that creates flow and cohesion between the old and the new.

Structural Repairs

In dire situations, it's important to remain resolute. Oftentimes, even major structural damage can be repaired, with proper safety, planning & logistics. Repairs we can take on include damaged floor, wall and roof framing, failing decks and overhangs, foundation cracks and failure, basement pad cracks and heaving, beam damage and failure, and severe cases water damage, amongst other structural issues.


We offer a variety of services in cases where a structure cannot be salvaged, or requires controlled demolition. Some of these services include complete teardowns and grading, partial demolitions (such as the removal of a roof system), sequential demolitions and rebuilds (gradually replacing the core structure piece-by-piece without disturbing the entire structure), material removal, and foundation excavation, removal, and backfilling.


Assessment & Planning


The little details can make a huge difference. With a large quantity of experience to pull from, we can spot structural issues from a mile away, and aid in devising proper fixes that will last. We will create timelines and budgets, organize subcontractors, handle material-ordering and ensure your project doesn't stall due to oversights. As the engine of your project, we know

the importance of doing our due diligence.

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